Welcome To Mount Hermon
Baptist Church!

As we acknowledge God to be the author and finisher of our faith, we humbly invite and extend to you an invitation to join with us.

We walk with a steadfastness knowing that God has everything in control and if we follow Him and obey His Word everything will be alright.

No one can make this journey alone and so we gather together to worship, to encourage, to bind and to boldly proclaim and stand on the Word of God.

Welcome to Mt. Hermon!

- Pastor Lewis

Current Sermon Series

Upcoming Events

Sat. Sept 13th - New Member's Discipleship Class @ 9 am

Sun. Sept. 14th - Pastor & lady Roz 40th Wedding Anniversary

Wed-Thurs. Sept. 17-18th - IMPACT REVIVAL @ 7 pm

Sat. Sept. 20th - Wedding @ 4 pm

Sun. Sept. 21th - Family & Friends Day (Cook-out)

Mon. Sept. 22nd - First Day of Autumn